Fárian Angel Nàràh is a high ranking officer of a beautiful realm situated within the confines of the Sanctuary of Sanctuary of Fária in a remote solar system not unlike our own. Nàràh’s origins are sacred.

Nàràh is 48 Earth Years in appearance, 6’00” tall with chestnut brown eyes and long brunette hair that she wears swept up in a bun with beautiful hair adornments. Nàràh is usually seen wearing long tunics of many colors and intricately designed footwear.

Nàràh heads up a large team of archivists who keep accurate records of life on our planet be they in the written word, through images or videos. These records are in placed in quantum time computers as are the archives. This is a massive undertaking because there are records that date back thousands upon thousands of years.

Fárian Angel Nàràh and her team play a pivotal role in our planet’s ‘Transition to Enlightenment’ that began in 2012 lasting approximately six decades, and the long awaited ascension from the 4th dimension to the 5th dimension of our Universe that took place in February 2022.

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