Archangel Bàltazàr is one of the highest ranking angels in the Universe. Bàltazàr is 45 Earth years in appearance, 6’0″ tall pale complexion, blue eyes and  brown hair tied back in a knot. Bàltazàr is usually seen wearing colorful tunics over trousers. Archangel Bàltazàr is from the Sanctuary of Qária however he is not from the Universe originally, his origins are sacred.

Bàltazàr has numerous responsibilities in addition to that of guardian angel. He is responsible for the guardianship of official documents that relate to the history of this planet. Bàltazàr is the keeper of all our historical data which is stored by the Fárian Angels in an undisclosed location in the Universe. Bàltazàr is also responsible for the welfare of several groups of individuals who maintain records that relate to scientific data required to secure certain parts of the Universe that are inhabited by humans and other spirit groups.

Bàltazàr is an extraordinary man who has always believed that peace is the only reason for people to continue to evolve and that angels are an integral part of that process.

Bàltazàr has a significant role in our transition to enlightenment where he will be collecting data and keeping records of the event. Bàltazàr will be working alongside Archangel Ária, Archangel David, Archangel François, Archangel Kàm and Archangel Zé.

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