Archangel Kwan Yin is one of the highest ranking angels in the Universe. Kwan Yin is 35 Earth years in appearance, 5’10″ tall with a medium complexion, brown eyes and long wavy black hair. Kwan Yin is usually seen wearing a long India-style sari in bright colors, beautiful platinum jewelry and an ornate headdress.  Kwan Yin is from the Sanctuary of Ária however she is not from the Universe originally, her origins are sacred.

Kwan Yin is assigned to our planet as Guardian Angel, Spiritual Mentor and Healer.  She is also a yoga instructor and teaches tai chi, both of which she practices daily. Kwan Yin can also be called upon for those seeking guidance during meditations.

Archangel Kwan Yin is an integral part of our planet’s ‘Transition to Enlightenment’ already in progress and will be working with Archangel Ária, Archangel David and Archangel Kàm on multiple projects connected to the transition.

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