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Author:  Cynthia A. Silk

Greetings and welcome to the Divine Matrix!

This website was created to provide information about a broad spectrum of metaphysical subjects that can be posted, shared or discussed with others on the site.

The Divine Matrix is the perfect source for those on a quest for knowledge of the Angel and Spirit Realms, the afterlife and the infinite and diverse elements of the Universe.

I am currently adding information on Angel Groups and the Archangels.  This is still a work in progress so please check back often for updates.

Thank you for visiting my website!

Love, Joy and Peace!

Cynthia A. Silk
Angel Channeler

Copyright © 2015 Cynthia A. Silk.  All Rights Reserved.

17 comments on “THE DIVINE MATRIX

  1. I’ve had things coming to me one vision and words coming to me when I wake in the morning. The name of three different flowers came to me. And when I woke up in the morning I saw a two beautiful bright colours. There was no shape. The top colour I thought to myself was it’s soooooo pink. So pretty the color was freesia I believe. The color underneath was a pretty deep but bright purple or violet colour. I can’t figure what this means. One day another word came to me which I didn’t know what the word meant til I looked it up. And that wasn’t a nice word but no bad feeling was there. And I heard it again. A week or so later. Idk what’s going on. But I know I’m not crazy even though I thought it at the time. This was only a couple of weeks back. I won’t rest still I get the answer. Please help L♥VE Nina ♡


    • Hello Nina – what exactly do you need help with? Have you documented what you have experienced? It sounds like you had some spirit activity where the ‘negative’ word is concerned. Otherwise colored energies usually come from Angels or similar beings of light. xx


    • I just don’t know what or who was trying to tell me. The flowers I think could be three names. And last night I had a dream about some people I don’t know. But in my dream I knew these three people like really good friends. Anyhow I was pushing my baby’s pram and going somewhere with them. For some reason I turned around and went without them. And after a little while realised my baby wasn’t in my pram. He was gone. I assumed he was with the friends I left behind but remembering I saw him after I left them. I went to some man to report it and he said a baby snatcher and looked at me as if he knew it was too late. I was feeling distress and I woke up realising my baby is safe in his cot. I went back to sleep and I dreamed that he was still gone. And I said no this is a dream I woke up but I was still dreaming and realised it was a dream again went back to sleep in my dream and woke up he was gone. And this lady’s face who I don’t know that was kinda glowing said it’s not a dream. Convincing me it’s not a dream. I woke up and fell back asleep and the I got told he really is gone and felt like I was just going to go hysterical. Just when the dream was Convincing me it was real I woke up finally relieved. I just don’t know what or who is trying to tell me all these signs I’ve been having. I haven’t but will document. I just don’t know why I would document is it to see a pattern ? Kind Regards Nina Xx


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