The Divine Matrix


Welcome to The Divine Matrix website.  I am an Angel Channeler, Spirit Channeler, Intuitive Life Coach and Metaphysical Teacher.

This website is dedicated to the Universe and its inhabitants and I was guided by my Guardian Angels to create it.  At the onset I was asked not to research any of the material I was going to write about and I have honored that request.  It is my hope that this website will give people further insight to our beautiful planet, its significance and the amazing life that exists beyond it.

There are several topics covered on this site that will seem rather controversial to many who read them. This is understandable due to our limited knowledge about Angels, the Spirit Realms, the origins of the Universe and its subsequent history.  The knowledge we will acquire in the future about the Universe is going to help us in ways unimaginable. Not only will we gain information about the Universe but we will also have an understanding of the major role our Angels play in it.

This site would not be possible without telepathic communication from my Guardian Angels, Spirit Guides and the support of many humans from across the Universe who contributed to its content.

In conclusion, the future of this planet is one that should be anticipated and not feared.

The Angel Channeler

Artwork by: Susan Seddon-Boulet

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