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Author:  Cynthia A. Silk

Greetings and welcome to the Divine Matrix!

This website was created to provide information about a broad spectrum of metaphysical subjects that can be posted, shared or discussed with others on the site.

The Divine Matrix is the perfect source for those on a quest for knowledge of the Angel and Spirit Realms, the afterlife and the infinite and diverse elements of the Universe.

I still have a lot of content to add so I hope you will stop by often to check for updates.

Thank you for visiting my website!

Love, Joy and Peace!

Cynthia A. Silk
Angel Channeler

Copyright © 2014 Cynthia A. Silk.  All Rights Reserved.

3 comments on “THE DIVINE MATRIX

  1. The fact that this instinct cannot be quenched as easily as the others, makes it
    even more tempting. The survival of the soul through the
    change called death is on the verge of being openly acknowledged by scientists and scholars
    of academic circles. When we humans put things into perspective we
    will soon realize that science is no different from metaphysics and spirituality.

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  2. THIS IS TRUE BUT OUGHT TO NOT BE SEEN AS A CRITICISM OF SCIENCE the purpose of which is to validate those things which at present we can only truly relate to in a very subjective way. Science serves to remove the ifs, and buts, and maybes, so bringing us to a consensus of clarity in thinking, and perception that we can come to cognize truth.

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  3. I have moved from place behind locked doors out of buildings down streets and not know I’ve done it until I’m there and not know how I got there people have seen me in places I’ve ever been hospitals and people come up and say they know me but
    they don’t they ask me to pray for them and confess to me I’ve seen angles they’ve talked to me and sang to me and shown me things I really would like to know who or what I am they sing this songs to me each night I love you and I’m waiting for you and another one my precious and can you help me? I need answers Susan I was born Oct.1st at 4:00 p.m. in the afternoon

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