A ‘winged messenger’ is someone who is sent by angels to give a helping hand in times of distress, danger or even to offer hope for those who need it. ‘Winged messengers’ can enter our lives in many ways as ‘walk-ins’ and through dreams or visions.

Here are just a few examples of the work ‘winged messengers’ are sent here to do:

Example 1:

A little boy is about to cross a busy road when a kind stranger notices that the boy’s shoe laces are untied and that this could cause him to have a serious accident. The stranger walks up to the boy and says “excuse me young man I did not mean to startle you but did you notice your shoe laces were untied and that this might cause you to fall over while crossing the road?” The child ties up his shoe laces and when he turns to thank the stranger who helped him he was gone.

Example 2:

A woman has an accident on a deserted road when it starts to rain. She loses control of her car and skids out of her lane into oncoming vehicle. The next thing she remembers she is lodged under her crushed vehicle barely able to move when a stranger shows up, tries to comfort her and stays with her until an ambulance arrives. As the woman is being placed in the ambulance she asks if she can say thank you to the stranger who sat with her until she was rescued only to be told that there was no one with her when the paramedics arrived.

Example 3:

A young woman is sitting on a bus with two young children when a stranger sits next to her and strikes up a conversation. She compliments the young woman on her children only to be told that they are not hers but that she is looking after them for her sister while she was at work. She goes on to tell the stranger that sadly she could not have any children and much to her surprise the stranger told her that she would indeed have a child and that it would be a girl. The young woman told the stranger that she had been trying to get pregnant with her husband for over a decade to no avail. The kind stranger looked at her and said “yes you will and it will not be long” and then got off the bus smiling as she left. Three months later the young woman discovered she was pregnant and that it was a girl.

Example 4:

A little boy is sobbing his heart out because he believes his dog is dying when a kind stranger approaches and asks “what is the matter?”. The boy tells him that his dog was run over and that his parents told him he might not make it and that he might have to go to heaven. The stranger asked if he believed in angels and the little boy said he did then the stranger said “why don’t you ask your angels to help your dog feel better and then see what happens”. The little boy prays every night to his angels and asks for them to help his dog. One week later a miracle happened and his dog recovered.

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