Archangel Simon is one of the highest ranking angels in the Universe. Simon is 32 Earth years in appearance, 6’0″ tall with blue eyes and long jet black hair worn loose to his waist. Simon is usually seen wearing a white tunic top tied with a white sash worn over burgundy trousers.  Simon is from the Sanctuary of Ária however he is not from the Universe originally.  Simon’s origins are sacred.

Simon has multiple duties in addition to that of Principal Guardian Angel one of them being an engineer of space science.  Simon is assigned to multiple groups of angels in order to assist with future space travel developments. Simon is also involved in several scientific projects involving the use of solar induced energy and star induced energy.

Simon loves children in particular those with special needs who he is often assigned to.  Simon’s love of children is legendary across the Universe.

Archangel Simon is an integral part of this planet’s ‘Transition to Enlightenment‘ along with Archangel Kàm, Archangel David and Archangel Ária.

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