Archangel Isis (pronounced e-sis) is a Corínthian Angel and one of the highest ranking angels in the Universe.  Isis is 32 Earth years in appearance, 6’2″ tall with a medium complexion, hazel eyes and long jet black hair.  Isis is usually seen wearing a long blue or green Grecian style dress, beautiful platinum jewelry and a Cleopatra style silver headband.  Isis comes from a beautiful planet called Corinthia situated in the outer regions of the Universe.

Isis is often referred to as a ‘goddess’ in ancient theology and this is probably because of her striking resemblance to a beautiful Egyptian queen of the same name.  The term ‘goddess’, meaning a female deity, was often used in ancient times to depict female angels when seen in dreams or visions.

Isis has multiple duties in addition to that of Principal Mentor.  Isis is also a counselor, principal guardian angel, philosopher, master mathematician and is the author of several books on these subjects that are currently in print throughout the Universe.

Isis is a much loved angel who will soon be acknowledged for her significant contributions to the evolution of this planet.  Isis will also be joining the team of this planet’s Transition to Enlightenment during its fourth phase when several of Earth’s ancient mysteries and signs will be revealed to us.

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