Archangel Hàdrìél is a Qárian Angel and is one of the highest ranking angels in the Universe.  Hàdrìél is 44 Earth years in appearance, 6’4″ tall with a medium complexion, brown eyes and wavy chin length black hair. Hàdrìél likes to wear ornate tunics in bright colors over black trousers. Hàdrìél is from the Sanctuary of Qária however he is not from the Universe originally. Hàdrìél’s origins are sacred.

Hàdrìél has been assigned here to assist Archangel Ária, Archangel Kàm and Archangel Raphael provide much-needed healing energy for our planet. Hàdrìél has an amazing healing energy that is bright orange and purple in color that emanates from him in multiple wave bands that encircle him.

Hàdrìél has written many books about his healing methods the most significant of which is called ‘The Hàdrìél Healing Principles’ that explains his seven steps to a successful healing. Hàdrìél’s healing methods are used all over the Universe and will be introduced to us during the early stages of our planet’s enlightenment phase.

Hàdrìél is an inspiring individual who brings joy to everyone he meets. Hàdrìél loves to play the guitar during times of stress in order to quieten his mind as do many of his fellow angels.

Hàdrìél has a pivotal role in our planet’s ‘Transition to Enlightenment’ which is currently in progress.

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