Solar and Spirit Realm Energies

Author: Cynthia A. Silk

This photograph was taken while out on a walk near my home early 2012. I took my camera with me just in case I was guided to take a picture by one of my angels. I saw the sunlight shining through the trees and decided to take a picture of it but just before I did that I noticed a teal colored energy float right past me so I hit the click button as fast as I could and took the photograph I have posted below.

I did not expect to see more than the solar energy shining through the trees but when I got home I discovered that I had also captured the beautiful teal energy I had seen with my naked eyes. I was quite taken aback as typically these energies are seen after a picture is taken and not before! My guardian angels (Archangel David and Archangel François) told me that the teal energy was from the Spirit Realms.  This was a very exciting moment for me!

Solar and Spirt Realm Energies - April 2012

Reference:  Archangel David and Archangel François.

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