Vision About 9/11/2001

Author:  Cynthia A. Silk

Approximately five years ago I had a vision about what happened to the people who lost their lives during the 9/11 Twin Towers attack in New York.  These were the people who were in the two airplanes that flew into the buildings.

The vision I had was like watching a silent movie.  I saw passengers inside one of the airplanes that had landed safely in another dimension.  There was a look of disbelief on their faces as the aircraft was sitting on the tarmac of an airport.  I saw people crying with relief that they were unharmed and safely on the ground.  I saw people reach for their mobile phones to call loved ones and then their subsequent confusion when their phones would not work. The flight attendants were being asked questions that they could not answer.  They were also in tears.  Some officials boarded the aircraft at which point the hijackers were removed from the aircraft in handcuffs.  I was later told that the ‘officials’ were Angels of the highest order.  The last thing I saw were the passengers leaving the aircraft escorted by Angels.

This vision was shown to me by Angels to enlighten me about the process of crossing over after we leave this life.  I will be writing about the process of crossing over in a future chapter of this website.

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