Vision of another Planet: Z’Urea

Author:  Cynthia A. Silk

Saturday, 10th March 2012

This vision was about a very large planet called Z’Urea.  My mother from this life was  also in it.  I saw my mother outside our house trying desperately to rescue a  small animal that I thought was a cat.  My guardian angels told me that the  animal my mother was chasing was from a breed of wild cats called ‘talins’ which  can best be described as a cross between a small bear and a small tiger.  In the  next part of this vision I saw the animal my mother was trying to rescue jump  into her arms lovingly.  Then I saw two beautiful cats walking towards me and as  they approached I saw both of them ‘morphing’ into two of the cats I adopted in  this life one of whom I still have.  My guardian angels told me that both cats  have incarnated with me in multiple past lives across the Universe.

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