Orbs from the outer realms of the Universe

Author:   Cynthia A Silk

This picture was taken at the request of Azúrean Angel Jàn in April 2012. I went out for a walk along a nature trail in Cypress, Texas (USA) and Jàn asked me to take my camera with me. I started taking pictures wherever Jàn guided me to take them. Much to my surprise when I looked at the photographs I found several colorful orbs in them.

When I asked Jàn about them he told me that these particular types of orbs are from an Angel realm known as ‘Prèát’ situated in the outer regions of the Universe.  Prèát means ‘infinite’ and is one of the most beautiful realms in existence today.  This picture has so much enchantment in it that I just had to share it on this site.

Reference:  The Azúrean Angels

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