Beautiful ‘Metamorphic’ Energy

Author:  Cynthia A. Silk

This picture was taken at the request of Azúrean Angel Jàn in April 2012. I went out for a walk along a nature trail in Cypress, Texas (USA) and Jàn asked me to take my camera with me. I started taking pictures wherever Jàn guided me to take them.   When I looked at this particular picture I saw the most beautiful green energy that resembled a ‘bullet’ in shape.

When I asked Jàn what this was he told me that this is called a ‘metamorphic’ energy which simply means an energy that changes its shape.  This particular type of energy is very common in the Universe and its outer regions.  Metamorphic energies are often used by Angels to send messages to Angel and Spirit Channelers on this planet.

Metaphysical Energy 22 April 2012

Reference:  The Azúrean Angels

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