Angel Story – The Kindness of Star Angel Tòc

Author: Cynthia A. Silk

Star Angel Tòc is one of my Guardian Angels and also one of my mentors.  I always know when he is around because I see him playing the violin which is one of his favorite instruments.  Not only that but whenever Star Angel Tòc wants to get my attention (when he is not here) I hear him playing ‘Variations’ by Andrew and Julian Lloyd Webber in my mind which is one of my favorite pieces of music.

Star Angel Tòc entered my life in 2010 a year that was very difficult for me because I was ill for several months and also because my mother who lived in England at the time was suffering with congestive heart failure.

One night when I could not sleep because I was feeling rough I saw Star Angel Tòc standing next to my bed.  He leaned over and said ‘Miss Silk are you alright?’  I told him I was and thanked him for asking.  Then he ‘vanished’.  I have never forgotten Star Angel Tòc’s visit, his kindness or his compassion.

Reference:  Star Angel TòcStar Angels

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